Influenster Relaunch

Hey everyone!

I'm sharing with you today a great site that I've been a part of for some time now. I was originally introduced to this site by Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj on Youtube). She had made a box opening video and linked me to the site. is an amazing site that provides an outlet for product reviews. What's best about it is Influenster sends you the products..... wait for it........... FOR FREE!

Yes, there are a few, but fun, strings attached. You have to complete their tasks to earn badges. It involves a lot of sharing to your social media networks, which for me is never an issue when it comes to things I love. You will also be doing a lot of product reviewing, but I think it's totally worth it since you get the products for free. Once you've earned enough badges and points (which is shown on your public profile), you can qualify for a voxbox. a Voxbox is a package sent to you containing a variety of free products to review and keep. What's nice is that Influenster pays for shipping. Completely cost free.

Influenster recently revamped and relaunched a full website. Just letting you know, it is INVITE ONLY because they are attempting to keep in somewhat exclusive (similar to Pinterest and LookMazing). But never fear friends! You can request an invite by going to I love the new layout of the site. So much easier to navigate and view which badges were earned. Headache free and fun!

Head on over and request an invite! You still have time to qualify for the Influenster relaunch Voxbox.



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