Motivation Monday | Happy New Year

Happy New Year lovlies!
Today's post, while perhaps cliche, IS important. For as long as I can remember, Resolutions on the New Year have been beaten and battered into our skulls. "Be healthier, travel more, save money, stay trendy." Funny thing is, all of those plans are on my list. So I'm here, both for myself (as a kick in the pants) and for anyone else who needs a push.
A plan for 2013 is to have "Motivation Mondays." Each week I'll be posting my journey to a better Cween. This week I'm starting with the mental aspect of taking action. The most important thing in taking action to get active is being mentally prepared. But we may ask ourselves, "WHY is it important?" "WHY should I be motivated?" Frankly, I just want to look better. Well, an enhanced version of me is a softer way to look at it. And this is where it gets difficult on my end.
I fit into Misses sizes (Juniors as well, though I'm womanly and built for Misses), and I'm pretty confident in my appearance.. So it's hard for me to sit down and say "Hey, you need to drop some weight." Especially since I've been hovering around the same weight I was in highschool.
But I want to be more athletic again. Gain back the muscle I've lost (I bench 200 and squat 300+ on a good day). I hope to get in good enough shape as to where I can try out for the Green Bay Chill. Since I've stopped weightlifting, I've been looking for an alternative sport.
It'll be easier for me to get back into a workout routine because I've done it for years. I've just slipped in 2012. And I do admit to not being the thinnest of women, I still have a nice shape. I just wanna shrink it lol. I guess my real goal is to get FIT and TONED. Lose some pounds and add definition.
And that's all I really want to do. Which isn't a bad goal to have. If you're overweight, or even obese, it seems so overwhelming to try to get to your goal weight/size. But you NEED to understand, it's not an overnight journey. And it's not an easy one either. Even after you're where you want to be, it's an every. Single. Day. Struggle to maintain. But if you ever listen to those in good shape, they turn 'struggle' into HABIT. It becomes a part of your routine.
So here's where I'm at for the month of January:
FITNESS - I want to get into a routine. Let my body be sore again. Get used to movement and strain. Start to condition and rebuild my muscles. I'm not going to go hard like I typically would, because I don't want to cause an injury (sometimes taking it 'easy' is the best plan of attack if your body isn't ready for it. And it's OK). This first month I have no amount of pounds I want to lose or any dress size I want to drop. My only focus is finding the time to workout. Making it a part of my day. That's it. I printed the Victoria's Secret Train Like An Angel challenge, and I think it's perfect. This time of year, snow covered roads and packed gyms may hinder my ability to break a sweat. It's a great at-home workout as well so there should be no excuses. 5 days a week 30-60 mins is what I'm shooting for. Like I said, I'm just trying to get back into a routine.
NUTRITION- Nothing new. Not. A. Thing. No crazy diets or cutting calories. No diet pills or not being able to eat out. I'm going to eat the same as I have been. The ONLY things I'm doing differently this month is drinking more water (my goal is taking how much I weigh ÷ 2 = how many fluid oz i should drink in a day). And cutting back on soda. The soda part is easy, I've done it before. I was just endulging during the holiday season. Staying hydrated is this months focus.
All I'm doing in January of '13 is creating good habits and readjusting my routine. No crazy workout plans. No crazy diets. Just a few simple changes.
Hope this helps!


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