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I was recently sent NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss to try out. The name suits the product as the tube is pretty chunky for a lip gloss. It's definitely something that can't be tucked away discreetly in your pocket, ESPECIALLY if you were to be wearing skinny jeans. Now, for the packaging as a whole, I'd describe it as loud ha ha. Let me explain why.. The size is massive (for a tube of gloss that is), and the shimmery font is huge and in your face. In my opinion the Big Bold Gloss, on the outside, is just a tad too gimmicky. But I try not to judge a book by it's cover.

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I was sent the shade 'Pleasantly Plump Pink'. It's a pale peachy-pink. Most of the Big Bold Gloss's color comes from blue-toned pink-purple reflective shimmers. There are also silver-green (or blue, I can't tell) reflective shimmers. 
Ok, probably THE FUNNEST (grammar rules) part of NYC's gloss is that the doe-foot applicator is obscenely huge! Like, wow. It makes application very quick and painless. I say go get it JUST to see how big the applicator is ha ha. 
After applying, you start to feel the plumping action within seconds. It starts as a very mild tingle then turns into a cooling sensation. I find it quite soothing. 
When wearing the gloss, it looks more like a lip balm. What I mean by that is Big Bold Gloss isn't overly glassy or reflective. It isn't a frosty type of shimmer either. It has a nice natural sheen to it.

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Pros: It contains a whopping 0.39fl oz of product. The most I've ever seen in a tube of gloss. It's sure to last you awhile. For retailing at about $3.99, you are FOR SURE getting your money's worth. 
I actually love the gigantic applicator. It is ridiculous, and great. This'll distribute the gloss in one swipe. 
The gloss is the least bit sticky and feels lightweight on the lips.
It wears fairly well for a drugstore gloss. It holds it's own throughout a meal. I'd say I got a solid 2 hours of wear before I subconsciously wiped it off. 
It contains Vitamin E, which protects and repairs your lips. I noticed my lips feeling pretty moisturized after use. Big Bold Gloss claims to give lips up to 50% more volume, and I did notice they were slightly more shapely.

Cons: You can't carry this in a pocket without having a large, erm, bulge. (Hashtag inappropriate)
I personally don't like the pigmentation, or lack thereof. BUT if you like your glosses on the sheer end of the spectrum, give it a try. 
The sugar sweet vanilla scent may put some people off, though it is far from strong.

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In the end I'd recommend you try it out for yourselves. I feel that for a drugstore lip plumping gloss that costs under $5, it does its job fairly well. And you also get about an average of 2x as much product compared to a majority of other glosses. For the fall/winter I want to try some deeper shades and see how they work out. 

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