Sephora Haul | Spring 2016

Welcome! This will be the first of many more hauls to come in the next few months. After perusing around my makeup collection, I've realized that a lot of what I have is outdated, old, and expired. So I've been on a bit of a shopping frenzy lately trying to update my stash. Also, I have realized that I am officially in my "mid-20s" so it hit me like a brick that I also need to update and stay on top of my skincare routine. I figure I still have time to prevent/prolong aging so some of my picks will reflect that.  

The first three items I picked up at my local Sephora, in store at JC Penney. I love Boscia's Green Tea blotting papers, so I thought I'd try their Black Charcaol kind. For those who don't like fragrances, you probably won't be a fan of these as they are fragranced. I like the scent and I don't mind scents at all. In comparison, I think the Green Tea kind work better, but the Black Charcoal is still good. Boscia's blotting papers are my favorite, I highly recommend those. I also bought a Sephora brand lip gloss as I needed one to complete the look I was going for, for a concert I went to. I had purchased Colour Pop's Lumiere Lippie Stick (a haul on that coming soon!) and as much as I love how it's matte, I wanted to gloss it up. This gloss is really nice, I'll probably purchase different shades. The last item on this trip (not pictured) was a sample of Smashbox's primer oil. Even though I have combination-oily skin, I haven't had any luck with primers yet (even the silicone based ones), so I'm giving it a shot. A little goes a long way, you only need a couple of drops for your whole face. I will say it is amazing for the dry patches I tend to get on my cheeks and worked pretty well everywhere else on my face, besides my nose. I'm not sure if I'll get a bigger size as I want to try Smashbox's Primer Water next.

The last part of my haul was from Everything I chose was a trial set or a sample of some sort. Because these items aren't at drugstore prices, I want to be sure that I truly love the product before investing in the full-size. All of the samples above were free. With every purchase Sephora lets you choose 3 free samples. I picked a primer from Hourglass, a serum from Lancome, and a fizzing face wash from Nude. I had Beauty Insider points to use so I picked out Clinque's Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealor. The last free sample was from their promo/sample page. It is a deluxe sample of Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Firming Serum. 

I've been wanting to try Bare Minerals for a very long time as I don't wear liquid foundation, I only wear powder or tinted moisturizers/BB creams. It's pretty full coverage for a powder, which I'm not sure I love. It looks a little cakey around the nose and mouth, but I think I just need to find the right brush to apply it with (the buffing brush that comes in the box is scratchy and too small for me). The primer is nice but didn't combat oil the way I need it to. The Mineral Veil is nice, so is the Concealor powder and Concealor brush. All in all you're getting a decent amount of product to try for a good price.

I remember smelling these perfumes in fall of last year in the impulse-buy/checkout area. I remember really liking them and never really thought about them again until I saw them on the site. These are perfect for daytime, even better for a work environment. They're not heavy at all and smell very fresh & clean. You won't overwhelm anybody as the perfumes are not overbearing or intense. 

Fun fact: I used to work for Clarins for a little while a few years back. Another fun fact: Clarins is who gave me my Certification in Skincare. Even though I don't work for them anymore, I still strongly believe in and have trust in their products and their brand. And you know how scents are attached to memory? Opening and using these products really brought me back #tbt. My spiel is that because ALL of their products smell amazing, it is truly an experience to use them. To my knowledge just about all of their products are fragrance free, what you smell is the natural plant extracts. Read up on them if you have time, Clarins is amazing. So needless to say I love everything that came in this box. You get their new Multi-Active Day Cream, Beauty Flash Balm, Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, and Body Treatment Oil. 

Thank you so much for reading! As I said at the top of this post, I have a LOT of hauls coming up, so there will be much more to come!


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