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I'm pretty excited about this post, ladies and gents. I finally got my hands on the Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics!

 The first thing at the top of the box was this cute insert with a sweet note on the back and Kylie's eyes (they wink!) on the other side.

The Royal Peach palette comes in a bomb case with Kylie's eyes on the front. Her eyeshadow look is too cool, and it's awesome that it can be re-created with the shadows in her palette.

So the eyeshadow palette itself is white with KYLIE on the front in a rose-gold chrome. 

Can we all just take a moment to admire these shadows? Kylie did a great job picking these out and formulating them. The shimmers feel uber creamy and the matte shadows are super blendable. The palette also has a huge mirror which is an improvement from her previous eyeshadow palettes (she hears us, guys!).

Also included in the palette is a medium-sized tapered blending brush. If you had no other brushes accessible to you, this could still do the job. This is another improvement from her Burgundy and Bronze palettes as they do not come with a brush. The Royal Peach palette (as I'm typing this post) is currently out of stock. But K.C. frequently restocks and keeps you updated on social media. If you can catch it before it sells out, the Royal Peach palette retails for $45.

From Top to Bottom: Royal, Peachy, Sandy, and Sorbet. All of these shadows are matte.

From Top to Bottom: North Star, Mojito, Seashell, and Duchess. These shades are all shimmers.

From Top to Bottom: Cinnamon, Duke, Queen Bee, and Crush. Cinnamon is a matte, Duke is a satin, Queen Bee is a shimmer, and Crush is a satin.

The next items I picked up were some glosses. I have a post up on another Kylie gloss if you want to check that out. I didn't ever have any problems with the hairs of the brush, and I think Kylie makes one of the best lip gloss formulas on the market. Each gloss retails for $15 each.

From Left to Right: Candy K, Damn Gina, Posie K glosses. I own Literally gloss, and instantly fell in love. I've been meaning to pick up Posie K and Candy K gloss since they came out. I figured now is a good time to grab them all since the KoKo collection is being sold as singles. I saw Damn Gina gloss and was obsessed. It's a given I purchased once it was available on it's own.

Kylie Cosmetics has a ton of matte lippies, in lip kits and singles. But I personally am over the matte lip trend. I am an avid lover of gloss and creaminess so I'm happy to have these lil babies in my collection. Damn Gina has a lot more sparkle/glitter than I was able to capture in photo so please keep that in mind. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend them all.

I am so pleased with my purchase and will be buying from Kylie Cosmetics in the future. My next goal is to score one (or a few) of Kylie's new highlighters she released. Kylie Cosmetics is a great brand and I have yet to be disappointed, so I think Kylie and her cosmetics deserve all the hype they get.


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