March 2018 Ipsy Unbagging


This was a fun bag to receive! March's theme is Create so the glam bag came along with some markers "so you can unleash your creativity all month long!" Mine arrive with pink and green markers, so I colored in one side pink and the other green. I forgot how much I love coloring, so this was a fun bonus.

The first item in the bag is City Color Cosmetics Glow Duo. This was my favorite item in the bag this month. One side is a pale cream highlight, and the other is a deeper champagne powder highlight. The cream highlight on it's own gives your skin a  "wet" look. And the other powder highlight on it's own give a soft natural glow. But both together are absolutely beautiful and that's how I prefer to wear them. 

The next item is this super cute SL41 Blusher Brush from SLMISSGLAM. I absolutely love when I can use brushes for more than one purpose, so I am very happy to add this to my collection. You can use for highlighting, blush, bronzing, and contouring. Multipurpose brushes, especially of this size are great for travel as well. I also am so glad the glitters on the handle don't come off so you don't need to worry about getting glitter all over your hands and face. 

This month I also received Labotica Transforming Liquid Foil Mask. It claims to brighten and firm up your skin, as well as remove dead skin cell and cleanse your pores. The mask is also formulated to calm inflammation (great for anyone with sensitive skin) and to boost collagen production. And because it is a peel off mask, it is so satisfying to remove.

Another product I loved receiving was this Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara in Carbon Black. My mascara routine is pretty involved, so I am extremely picky about what mascaras I use. I need them to make my lashes long, volumized, and defined. This helps achieve that. I get a ton of volume and definition from this mascara, and even more curl. My lashes are already curly to start off with, but someone with straighter lashes would enjoy this too. The formula claims to be infused with caffeine to help curl lashes, and also is infused with biotin to improve the health of lashes. I have noticed a difference for sure. My lashes aren't longer, but they do look fuller and more fluffy without mascara on. Of all the items that I've received this month, this one I would repurchase. 

The last item in March's Ipsy bag was Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow in Lola. I've received products from Doucce before, and even received a single eyeshadow from them as well. Their eyeshadows are nice. They don't last too long though, unless you have a budge-proof eye primer. Lola appeared more pink-y on my skin versus purple which was a little bit of a let down. Purple shadows look amazing with brown eyes, so I was hoping it would show up more of a vibrant purple like it claims. It's nice to use though for rosy looks, so it will still be used!

Even though it's only March, this month's glam bag is by far my favorite that I've received this year. And if you're not subscribed as well and I convinced you to give it a shot ($10 a month people!), I do have a referral link you are welcome to use: 


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