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Jun 29, 2012

Welcome | Cween Chandelle

          I'd just like to start off by saying thanks for taking the time to stop by and WELCOME! :D I am using this space to just give a bit more info on who I am and what I am about. I work for a gym part-time and I also work in Cosmetics at a local department store. I am certified in skin care and consider myself the best self-taught makeup artist in my area. I work freelance in makeup artistry, so if you ever need stage/costume/bridal/photo shoot/video shoot/special occasion makeup done, feel free to contact me at That e-mail address is also for any business inquiries as well. I am a product reviewer so you can expect to see some reviews on my blog, as well as my Youtube page. I also do promoting for local hip-hop artists at night. You can typically find me at shows at bars socializing. I also emcee and host a few shows. Once I get the proper equipment/upgrades I want to do an online radio show promoting local music and just having a good hip-hop station as well.  I weightlift in my spare time, I am a record holder. Otherwise in my free time you can find me out with friends. I live to entertain, you'll definitely see that lol. 

          I dabble in a lot of things lol. I am a new Youtuber, you can find me here: for more beauty/fashion related uploads. Or you can find me here: for more personal/useless videos. 

Where I do my online radio show:

I'm on Instagram: iamcween
I'm on Pinterest:

Feel free to ask any questions you may have! Or post any suggestions! I'm pretty open lol. 


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