Internet Media Refocus

          Hey Everyone!

          Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. After being absent from the 'social media world', I figure it's high-time I get back into the swing of things! Unfortunately, I feel as though I missed the back to school wave (though I DO think I have a way to hop on before the wave is over). BUT, I do have things up my sleeve. I AM Cween Chandelle after all. But I'd like to share some new places that you can find me online. 

You can now follow me at: is pretty much a mix of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr all in one. You can follow other members, create posts as your own, re-post and share photos. Instead of the 'like' button you can 'laugh at', 'love', 'smile at', 'frown', and 'be surprised' at someone else's posts. You also get to display 3 of your personalities. For example you can see my profile page, and see my 3 personalities. Mine are Socialite, Goofball, and Promotion. You can also choose which sides you want to follow others on. To make it less confusing, you have your 3 sides, yes? YES. But you want your 'party' personality to only have certain people follow (such as friends, not co-workers). That side only shares what you wish to share with a select amount of people, very similar to Google+. It's harder to explain than it is to actually work/figure out. So go have a look, and be sure to follow me! :)

*While it IS an awesome site, it's hard to find description/explanation info for you*

You can admire me on:

"LookMazing, Inc. is a fashion and beauty social network for individuals to showcase their personal style through photo or video ‘looks’ that can be easily shopped and shared. By 'admiring' fellow members of the site, users can browse through each other’s ‘lookbooks’ and virtual wardrobes to discover new ways to style products and gain fashion advice from friends. LookMazing’s goal is to create a personalized online and in-store shopping experience for its users. LookMazing is currently in private beta and will launch publicly in late fall of 2012." 
^^^^^ I took that from their website. ^^^^^

What they didn't emphasize, but I will, is that you can shop what looks you love. Which is so cool to me. LookMazing allows their invite only users to tag their photos so you can see where each clothing item (that the user chooses to share) is from, and they link it to the online site where it can be purchase. No more wondering, "Oh, where can I buy those shoes?" Now all you have to do is look under the photo, and you can purchase that item right away or add it to a wishlist of sorts. LookMazing is an AH-Mazing site.

With those two cool new sites out of the way, I'd just like to thank you again for taking the time to check out my blog. I'm in school full-time now, so it's harder for me to keep up with this, but I'll def. keep trying. Because, again, I always have something special up my sleeve. I have to keep it under wraps for now, but I can give you a big hint as to what it involves...


XOXO Cween 


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