What's going on friends?

I have an few announcements! I'll be back on Youtube this week!! I was sent some useful products to review, so you can expect a video within the week. I'll have a detailed blog post about the products as well. They'll be posted around the same time on the day I choose to upload. I'll also be making some upgrades to my videos and Youtube account, so you'll be seeing some improvements :)

Also, I'll be making some updates to my blog. One of them being "The Lunch Table." On every Thursday, I'll be sharing my input of things I found interesting throughout the week. I want it to feel like you're sitting with me, gossiping at lunch. And trust me, I'll be covering anything and everything. I'll still be posting my "Motivation Mondays" as well as other beauty related posts (that I've been slacking in) during the week. Once I get back into the swing of things on Youtube, I'll be making a video series with the same name. I'm still in the deciding process of whether or not I want it on one of my 2 main channels, or if it deserves it's own channel. But you can expect The Lunch Table blog portion to be up this week as well, and the Youtube series beginning sometime next month. 

I hope all is well!!



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