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A few days ago I went to The Wedding Show that was hosted in Green Bay's Shopko Hall. There were tons of booths, giveaways, and a very entertaining fashion show. Me and my future husband are looking to get married later next year. So I thought it would be a good idea to go, enjoy free wedding cake, and just gather an idea of what all is needed for a wedding.

It was overwhelming! From the various venues, dress shops, caterers, DJs, photographers, bakeries, gyms, honeymoon getaways, limo services, florists, fine jewelry shops, and everything else. I was in shock of how much time and planning this will take.

The Wedding Show was very helpful and fun. From the free samples to the fashion show, there was a lot to take in and enjoy. I was surprised at how many options there are. Luckily we've set the date out far enough as to where we have the time to sit down and plan and weigh our options.

The Wedding Show gave everyone a thick booklet of Dos/Don'ts of wedding planning. It also included some of the vendors who were at the show. What I found really helpful was the checklists at the back of the book. The entire book is extremely helpful. I also took a JCP wedding planner/organizer from my mom that is no longer needed. It includes everything the booklet does as well as space for recording memories. From the engagement to scrapbooking. It has a lot of space for planning and memories.

After being overwhelmed at The Wedding Show on where to start, I highly suggest that, if you don't hire a wedding planner, that you get some type of paper planner/organizer. Especially something that has a budget list.

There will be more updates as I start to really dive into this. A wedding just isn't my focus right now. But I'll be looking into details as time moves on.

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