Motivation Monday | January Week 2

Hey lovelies!

Just an update of my progress of Week 1 today. I regretfully worked out only once this week (slap me on the wrist please). But that's honestly one more day working out than I have been. So though I'm not working as hard as I've had liked to be, I'm making some (rather small) type of advancement. I think I'm honestly lacking motivation. Procrastination at its finest people. It's a work in progress, and as much as I'd had loved to start the New Year off with a bang, it just didn't happen this past week.

But I recently found some motivation due to The Wedding Show I recently attended. I want to look even better than I normally would in my wedding dress (that is soon to be picked out). I want that single moment of where I walk down the isle to be breathtaking. I want to be stunning. And not just because of the dress or my impeccable cosmetic talents. I want every woman in that room that day to be envious. It's going to be the biggest day of my life (until I have children) and I want to look back in pictures and simply be in awe. I still have about a year or so to prepare and I believe that I can achieve my goal by then.

So I've downloaded two apps on my phone that are very useful for getting in shape. The first I downloaded was MyFitnessPal. It asks for basic information like weight/height/weight loss (or gain) goal and generates how many calories you should eat (and/or burn) to loose weight. And it gives you an estimated date on when you should reach your goal based on what you eat/how you workout. Like I said, I'm not cutting calories because my focus is making being active a habit. But from using the app (I think I only missed a day or two of journaling) I'm able to reflect on what I'm eating. Some days I'm at the goal of what amount of calories I should be in-taking, others I'm over. Again, I'm not going to stress over it because I'm just creating good habits. 

The second app I downloaded is Workout Trainer. This app is so awesome to me. It gives you workout programs geared for an extended time, or you can just use the daily generic workouts. Also on the app is the Workout of the Week, Featured Program, and Recommended Workout. What I love about the app is that you can plug in your headphones and take it to the gym or you can just use it at home. It generates different workouts based on if you're doing an at-home workout or if you're just headed to the gym, where there's equipment. 

I'll be posting in-depth reviews about the apps soon. But for now, I'm looking for more motivating reasons to be, well motivated. It really is difficult when you don't have a "good" reason to be active. Sure weighing less, or being healthy, or fitting into a smaller size might push others... It's just never been enough for me. So I will keep on keeping on.

Best of luck this next week!



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