Going to be a New Mommy!!!

That's right lovermuffins, Cween's going to be spawning a widdle prince (here's hoping) or a widdle princess!

Here's how I announced my pregnancy on facebook, "Joc, before we even started dating, said he wanted to be a dad by the time he was 23. I always believed the end of the world would be on 12/21/12. So you can imagine my surprise that our unborn child will be born 9 months later on 9/22/13. Consider this my official facebook announcement that me and Joc are expecting... the anti-christ lol. Think about it... any spawn of Cween is gonna be charasmatic and evil. Hahahaha no but lonnng story short IM PREGNANT!!"
I like to add humor as you can see ;)

I'll be posting pregnancy updates on here as well as filming baby's progress when I get the chance. You can expect videos sporadically on my Keek or my 2nd Youtube channel, and blog updates on Tuesdays (as long as I'm awake enough to type them ha).
Right now, I'm almost 9/40 weeks along. My morning sickness has gradually eased up, as it's more hit and miss. But previously having acid reflux and vertigo can make things pretty bad.. I'm pushing though. 
Throughout this 1st trimester my 2 favorite positions are laying down and sitting. I feel like I'm on the verge of hibernating, and don't have as much energy.. Hence the reason I've been absent from my blog for nearly a month. Most of my energy is going towards school and making sure I'm eating what baby wants/needs. 
Motivation Mondays will probably come back after baby is born in September, seeing as I have orders to get as much rest as possible. And honestly the thought of working out makes me hyperventilate HA! 
People say you'll eat for 2 when pregnant, but I've barely been able to eat for one haha. I think it's because I would feel really sick after eating a meal or not have an appetite, so I think my stomach shrunk. I've been taking prenatals though, so hopefully that helps cover what I'm not ingesting. Plus my recent love for fruit and salad helps me keep things down.
I've had a lot of support from family and friends (who recently had kids of their own) if I ever need help/have questions. 

If you have any advice/tips/tricks/questions feel free to let me know as always! If I don't post an update this coming Tuesday, I'll for sure have one the following as I'll be going to my first doctor visit this coming Wednesday.

Love you lots!


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