So sorry I've been absent, muffins!

Mommy Update: 
As of this past Sunday 3/24/13, I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I'm feeling more alive as the weeks tick by. Still pretty fatigued, but I'm gonna try my hardest to get active again. I haven't gained any weight, luckily. I've been taking my prenatals and added fiber bars as well as veggie juice to my diet as I don't eat large meals during the day. I've also upped my water intake as everywhere I read says it's VERY important to stay healthy from hear on out. 
My cravings are pretty much gone, and my morning sickness is too. The morning sickness faded starting weeks 7-8 and was hit or miss until week 10. Now it's completely gone, thank goodness! But now I'm experiencing slower digestion (to put it as tactfully as possible), and lower back pain when I lay flat on my back. 
I've been looking into ab and back exercises to get stronger before baby comes. I also read that the more active you are during pregnancy, the 'easier' delivery is and the quicker your body bounces back after baby comes. It's just hard for me because I'm used to pumping heavy iron and for now I have to take it easy.
As for my growing munchkin, he/she is the size of a peach and only getting bigger :). I heard the fast little heartbeat, and I'm jusssssst starting to show. It looks more like I'm putting on a few pounds around my lower belly. But my pants are fitting tighter, and my shirts are hiding less and less haha. So a spring shopping trip is in order.

Mall Of America Trip:
Me and my family are going to the Mall of America in MN in a couple of days. I'm more excited to swim in the hotel pool. I'm just so ready for spring/summer to be here. Old Man Winter overstayed his welcome, if you ask me. But anyways, I got the green light to go on rides as long as 1) I'm feeling ok 2) there's no sudden stops/starts. I may refrain, though, just to be safe. Otherwise there is a lot of shops to explore, food to try, and other fun things to do. I know there's a mirror maze and the aquarium so I'm excited. I was debating if I wanted to pick up some baby stuff, but I'd rather wait until I know what I'm having. Personal preference, I guess.

After 3 attempts to finish college and get a degree, I've decided it's not the right path for me. At least right now. Though my grades were good and I was understanding the material, college isn't what I want to spend my time doing. My original plan was to get my degree so I could find a well-paid job so I could go to beauty school. But I feel as if I wasted SO much time in that process, when I could have been licensed already. Beauty is what I have a true talent in. But I won't find any good jobs/work unless I get my cosmetology license. So I start when I get back from the Mall of America. I figure the sooner I start, the quicker I finish. And I'll be about halfway done by the time baby is due, so I'm more than ready to go. Just kind of kicking myself that I didn't just go to beauty school earlier. I have orientation tomorrow, so I'm wondering what else they have to show us. It's a big weight off my shoulders, and I'm glad to be starting so soon. 

I've been sent two voxboxes that I haven't posted a review on yet. The Palmolive Fresh Infusions voxbox and the Sweetheart voxbox. I decided to actually test them out instead of doing a box unopening, so I can give my honest opinion. Those posts should be up early next month.

Blog Posts: 
I tried to plan a schedule and didn't stick to it, so I'm not going to make any promises that I can't keep. With beauty school taking up most of my day, and me adjusting my sleep schedule it's best to say my posts will be sporadic at best. But I am getting more and more motivated to be active again, so hopefully I'll get back to my old grind in no time. 

Thanks for reading!


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