Influenster Unboxing | Comfort Voxbox

It's been awhile since I've been sent anything from Influenster, so today I am happy to share an unboxing with you all. This VoxBox is 100% geared toward comforting your family, hence the name "Comfort VoxBox". There are some vitamins to keep your immune system strong, a number of food items to keep your family warm & cozy, and some hygienic products to keep you fresh and clean on those icky days. Below I have photos of each item I've received as well as a brief description given on the back of the information card given by Influenster.

1. "New Annie's Homegrown Organic Soups are here! A wholesome take on all your kid's favorites, with ingredients you can trust. New soups are available in delicious flavors, all packed with 100% Annie's goodness, like fun, bunny-shaped pasta, and organic chicken and veggies. Ready your grilled cheese, grab your Cheddar Bunnies, and enjoy!" SRP: $3.49

2. "Tide Ultra Stain Release Free: New! Tide Ultra Stain Release FREE helps remove 99% of everyday stains, AND it's free of dyes and perfumes." Available at Target for $12.99 for 920z

3. "Ragu Old World Style Traditional has stood the test of time, providing quality ingredients, memorable Italian flavors, and classic, smooth textures! Over the years, we have improved the recipe to bring out the flavors of thick tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and Ramano cheese to create the thickest, richest traditional sauce yet." $2.99

4. "Sure Fresh & Cool Invisible Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant (did not come in my box): Experience new Sure Fresh & Cool Antiperspirant with a refreshing scent, inspired by nature's cucumber and green tea. Specially formulated with advanced odor protection technology to provide worry-free, 48-hour protection against wetness and odor, so that you can be sure to stay fresh dry and confident." $2.99

5. "If you love snacking, FISHER NUT EXACTLY Snack Bites were made just for you. We combined wholesome ingredients like roasted almonds, whole grain popcorn and milk chocolate together into one delicious, bite-sized snack. But with no artificial preservatives and only 15 calories per bite, it's a snack you can feel good about. So go ahead. These crunchy, poppable, chocolate-dipped snack bites are calling your name!" SRP: $3.49

6. "Fiber Choice Immunity Support Fruity Bites help support overall well-being by supporting your digestive health and your immune system with an excellent source of vitamin C. Fiber Choice is made from 100% natural fiber found in fruits and veggies." $12.97-$15.99

I would like to thank Influenster for sending me the package, as well as all of the brands for participating. I also have to say how pleased I am a majority of the products come with coupons so I can go out and get good quality items for cheap! I hope some of you pick some things up too. Annie's Soup and FISHER NUT EXACTLY Snack bites are quite tasty, and I recommend you try them. 

FTC DISCLAIMER: I was sent these items complimentary (aka FREE) by Influenster in exchange for product testing and honest reviews. All opinions are my own.


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